Company Wrench - Cincinnati, OH

3120 S Verity Pkwy
Middletown OH 45044
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Serviceleistungen von Company Wrench - Cincinnati, OH

  • Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Neue Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Vermietung
  • Reparatur-Service
  • Ersatzteile

Vertretene Marken

  • Labounty
  • Stanley
  • Terex
  • Hitachi
  • Komatsu

Infos zur Firma

Company Wrench, is an Ohio-based company focusing on the manufacturing, sales, rental, parts and service of scrap, demolition, and construction equipment. Headquartered in Carroll, Ohio, Company Wrench operates in 12 locations across the US. We specialize in providing "The Cuting Edge of Customer Service" .

Our customers know us for our large equipment fleet and our blazing fast expert machine servicing. In fact, one of the largest reasons company owners purchase machines form Company Wrench is to get our cutting edge customer service and maintenance agreements. Company Wrench has many unique services that will help keep your projects on schedule and under budget....with the same great customer service.

Weitere Serviceleistungen und Produkte

  • Sales & Rentals
  • Service & Parts
  • CW Machine Worx

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      • Excavators
      • High reach and long reach
      • Dust suppression
      • Material handlers
      • Crushing and screening
      • Wheel loaders
      • Mini-excavators
      • Skid steers
      • Dozers
      • Hammers

      Dies ist die Unternehmensseite der Firma Company Wrench - Cincinnati, OH mit Sitz in USA, Ohio, Middletown.

      Das Unternehmen bietet Dienstleistungen wie: Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge, Neue Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge, Vermietung, Reparatur-Service und Ersatzteile.

      Company Wrench - Cincinnati, OH vertritt folgende Marke(n): Labounty, Stanley, Terex, Hitachi, Komatsu.

      Das Unternehmen ist spezialisiert auf Excavators, High reach and long reach, Dust suppression, Material handlers, Crushing and screening, Wheel loaders, Mini-excavators, Skid steers, Dozers, Hammers.